Red Panda is a personal learning hub that helps connect learners’ unique learning experiences and preferences in a simple, user-friendly interface

Deliver Continuous, Personalised Learning Experiences

Using intelligent search, Red Panda allows organisations to deliver continuous learning experiences – blending formal with informal learning experiences, and allowing learners to add activities that support their own personal development objectives.

Extend and expand on existing learning programmes with curated content from across the web.

Curate Learning Journeys

from learning activities, wherever they take place

Support Just-in-Time Learning

by accessing the content you need, when you need it

Connect Your Ecosystem

by integrating with new/existing tools, adapting to your needs

Future-Proof Your Learning Ecosystem

Red Panda helps to future-proof your learning ecosystem by pulling together your new and existing learning content and tools, and keeping them relevant as your organisation evolves, whilst xAPI-powered reporting enables administrators to see at a glance what goals are being completed and areas that may need attention and intervention.

Existing Elearning Content

such as courses built in Storyline, Adapt, etc (likely delivered via an LMS)

Social Courses / MOOCs

such as those built/delivered in Curatr

Individual Learning Resources

such as PDFs, videos and other micro-learning content

External Content Libraries

such as Harvard Business Publishing or

Plan, Track and Present Learning Experiences

Red Panda’s range of powerful features provide the building blocks of a rich learning experience for the user, and simple tracking and reporting tools for the organisation – including the ability to exploit xAPI to provide rich analysis of the learning of your users.


Construct learning journeys to develop skills and behaviours from new and existing courses and resources


Track progress of learning goals with evidence (check-ins) and personal  reflection on progress and development


Direct access and search across multiple courses/content from different providers (including your existing LMS)


Collate relevant learning content from across your organisation; with peer-to-peer sharing and commenting


Collate and build portfolios that evidence learning for easy sharing and review with peers and managers


Connect to your existing content/course providers, LMSs, and other learning tools (inc. Curatr and Learning Locker)

Early Adopters

Red Panda has already been adopted by a number of forward-thinking organisations looking to do something new and different in a variety of ways.


One of our large, long-standing clients are now utilising our Red Panda platform alongside Curatr and other learning activity providers to support building Programmes of learning to train teachers both in the UK and globally.

One of our new clients, a US-based consultancy business, are starting to utilise Red Panda to support their up-skilling and onboarding programmes, by supporting their employees individually as they develop skills-specific knowledge.

Another new client is a foundation supporting High School students as they plan to apply to University in South America who are also utilising Red Panda to deliver a learning ecosystem to create learning journeys which include Curatr courses.


To find out more about how these organisations are utilising Red Panda, and what personalised learning could do for you – get in touch!

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