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Learning Pool Stream

Learning Experience Platform

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Intuitive, Engaging and Personal.

Meet the all-new Stream LXP, good for today, ready for tomorrow.

Learning Locker®

xAPI Learning Record Store

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Aggregate, Analyze and Automate.

Understand the real-world impact your learning experiences are having on talent development and take action.

A Trusted Partner

Our software is used by some of the world's leading learning organizations

I can honestly say that I don't think our service would be where it is without the fantastic support Learning Pool / HT2 Labs have provided; always prompt and delivering beyond expectations.

Gareth Moger

Data Developer, JISC

Curatr’s incredibly easy user experience is reflected across the learner interface, course administration and course design process. This means developing highly engaging learning events, leading to a more natural and social way of learning online which learners love.

Ross Coxon

Director of Learning Services, Humentum

A number of faculty members were so enthusiastic about their experience with Stream LXP, they are currently implementing it to support Professional Development Communities for applications such as Research Methods courses and student teacher cohorts.

Dr. Andrew Feldstein

Educational Administrator, Fort Hays State University

Always impressed with the support from the team, honestly one of (if not) the best service I’ve ever received, period.

Matt Devlin

Learning Technology Specialist, University of Toronto

Your personalized, friendly, and solutions focused approach are your best qualities as a team.

Raquel Rubio Higueras

Director of Global Leadership Development, IHG

A Trusted Partner

Our software is used by some of the world's leading learning organizations


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The Learning Pool Guide to Learning Experience Platforms

The Learning Experience Platform is the latest innovation gaining serious traction in L&D.

Here's how it works, why it's effective and how you can ensure your LXP delivers.

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The Learning Technology Manager's Guide to xAPI

xAPI: the new specification for collecting, storing and querying learning data for maximum efficiency and optimization.

Here's a definitive guide to getting started, on us.

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