About Us

We are a rapidly growing startup company with all the trendy startup features: stand-up desks, unlimited holiday, dogs in the office, an xbox in the staff room. But the most important thing to note about us is that we are a family company.

Beyond all the startup hype, we care deeply about our customers’ predicaments and are 100% dedicated to implementing the best solutions.

We’re very proud to have received wide recognition for innovation which drives everything we do. We are equally proud of our accolades for implementation and integration, complemented by excellent customer service at all times.

We have two core values that underpin our working ethos:

A strong bias for action

We have an inherent call to action, rather than analysing things at great length. Basically, we get stuff done with an unwavering focus on achieving results, not defining process.

We’re always on your side

Everyone says this these days, so it’s not exactly original to suggest that we put the customer first. But our take on it is perhaps a little different. We are empathetic with customer predicaments, understanding what drives their behaviour and their needs to help them reach their goals. We look to work as partners with our clients, advising and collaborating to find the best solution.