V&B had a strategic requirement to develop a new digital learning capability to reduce time to competence and increase sales effectiveness of their global retail workforce (circa 12,000 employees). With no internal capacity and little budget to outsource content development, V&B needed to tap into the existing knowledge held by their remaining workforce – by crowdsourcing content and best practices from the people on the sales floor.

A real strength of Villeroy & Boch has traditionally been its staff. Each team member brings a wealth of experience to the job, with many working autonomously from locations around the world. Engaging with these experts would be key to Villeroy & Boch’s training strategy.


V&B selected Curatr as the platform to deliver on these requirements. Using Curatr, the L&D team assembled courses quickly using various types of digital asset as content – video, PDF’s, presentations or even other web-pages. By linking these assets together to form ‘levels’, V&B encourages learners to view content and contribute to discussions in order to unlock content ‘at the next level’ – a gamified approach to the learning experience. Comments are welcome on nearly every item of content and discussion points are raised to get the conversation started. The better learners contribute to the conversation, the more points they earn.

V&B took full advantage of Curatr’s Learning Management capabilities to develop courses in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Japanese and Chinese.


Curatr gave Villeroy & Boch a framework for creating social courses. By seeding content and encouraging conversations, Villeroy & Boch were able to leverage in-store expertise and pass insights around the globe. By embracing gamification, Villeroy & Boch engaged employees in the process, gaining massive participation. 18 months on from the initial implementation and V&B have created 194 social courses, as used by thousands of employees in 40 countries. Completion rates run at 90%+ across the company. In excess of 20,000 comments and contributions back to the platform have been logged and more than 50,000 Open Badges have been issued as a result of this activity.

Curatr is capable of exporting all learning activity data directly to Learning Locker using the xAPI. By blending this data with insights as to sales performance taken from SAP (the global ERP system for V&B), the company was able to demonstrate clear links between the uptake of training and subsequent regional performance increases. The following figures demonstrate just part of the Return on Investment seen:

Average Transaction Value is +32% since rolling out ‘More Excellence in Selling’ (which has a focus on upselling) to UK and USA.

Since rolling out the basic ‘Excellence in Selling’ in Iberia in May 2015, sales are +15%.

In Japan, ‘Porcelain Product Knowledge’ was rolled out in June 2015. Sales in this product category are +19% since that time.


The Curatr e-learning system has revolutionized our retail training. We have small retail units all over the world and can now deliver the same training to every colleague in their native language. This has standardized knowledge, standards and service levels globally. We can easily tailor the courses and send out at short notice to meet the changing needs of the business. The social aspect allows us to share best practice and makes our staff in the many remote locations feel truly part of the Villeroy & Boch world.

Kirstie Carson

Manager, International Sales Academy, Villeroy & Boch

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