• (2000) Business School Beginnings

    HT2 was originally founded in 2000 as a spin-out company from the University of Warwick, delivering outsourced learning technology for Warwick Business School (WBS).

  • Early Years (2003 – 2008)

    Our first product was an innovative LMS called CoursePortal. Developed in .net, CoursePortal ran the learning infrastructure for a number of major national corporations in its prime. In 2003 we made our first forays into mobile learning with an application developed for lecture feedback based on the HP iPaq.By 2005 we had got the ‘Web 2.0’ feeling and created KnowledgePortal as a successor to CoursePortal. With ideas of VODcasts and PODcasts in our heads, it was here that we laid the groundwork for our research into Social Learning.

    From 2008, things stepped up a notch when, as part of a PhD project, our CEO Ben designed and built a new platform to support a more collaborative, engaging and social learning platform; Curatr was born.

  • Consolidation and Recognition (2009-2012)

    In the years that followed, we published our research in journals and books, Curatr went from strength-to-strength and we won awards in the UK and US for our innovation.

  • Curatr v3 is Born (2013)

    We were then able to launch a third version of Curatr in 2013 after further product development and an initial round of seed funding. Today the likes of Xerox, KPMG and TES Global have come to see Curatr as a core part of their learning ecosystem.

  • Learning Locker Soon Followed (2014)

    Our learning records store, Learning Locker was launched the following year (2014). We released it under Open Source license; meaning it was free to download, use, modify and even sell. This helped to kick-start the xAPI ecosystem.

  • The World’s Most Installed Open Source LRS

    Thousands of organisations have come to use Learning Locker as they look to develop their maturity with xAPI. It is the most installed Learning Record Store in the world and we now store millions – going on billions – of learning records.


  • Making Learning Personal (2016)

    We launched Red Panda as the newest addition to the family in 2016. Built to integrate with our existing products, Red Panda helps learners to set and meet goals, recommending content and ticking off progress automatically as they go. It curates popular resources like Coursera, EdX and Khan Academy and allows companies to align these resources with the skills and competencies they actually need to develop.

  • Supporting a Culture of Learning

    So far we’ve got the biggest volunteer healthcare organisation in the UK, the number 1 Business School in Europe, and the largest network of teachers in the world as our lead out customers.


What Next?

Our product Roadmap is driven by the results and findings of our research experiments and development projects. Right now our research interests revolve around semantic meaning, competency development and machine learning.

We’ll be sharing these insights at major industry conferences and events around the world as well as making them available for download in our resources area.

Want to Work With Us?

If you’ve got a project that you’d like to sound us out about, we’d love to hear from you.

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