BI Connector

Feed your BI tool with real-time data from Learning Locker®

BI Connector.
Report on your Sales Qualified Leads

Use the BI Connector app (powered by MongoDB) to create queries with SQL data and visualize, graph and report on your Learning Locker® Enterprise data using existing relational business intelligence tools, such as Tableau and Qlik.

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Why Do I Need It?

Feed your BI tool with real-time data from Learning Locker®

Managed Integration

We will connect your Enterprise Learning Locker® directly to your chosen BI tool, spinning up an instance and connecting directly to your database.

Visualize Data

BI tools connect to a data source and when given a fixed tabular schema will enable you to visually explore your data.

Powerful Reporting

Connect your systems and unify your reporting data in a single source of record. Cross-reference your data inputs for a thorough view of performance KPIs.

How Does It Work?

We can seamlessly connect your chosen BI tool to your Enterprise Learning Locker®.


Connecting directly to the MongoDB, the BI connector will flatten JSON objects into a more typical relational format as a default schema.


Working with one of our data scientists, a more suitable scheme will then be constructed to format the statements in a table structure that is easy to use in your reporting tool.


Data is then available to be analyzed in your existing BI tools like Tableau and Power BI.

Part of the Analytics suite

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Semantic Analysis

Use our proprietary algorithm to drive insights into the quality of learners' submissions.

Semantic Analysis

For use with social learning initiatives, Semantic Analysis uses a proprietary algorithm to search through text contributions and derive insights into the quality of learners' submissions. Used by organizations to judge the efficacy of social learning experiences, the app can work with any xAPI data source that conforms to our recipe for text data. 

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BI Connector

Feed your BI tool with real-time data from Learning Locker®

BI Connector

If your organization uses a Business Intelligence tool like Tableau or PowerBI, the BI Connector will allow you to feed your BI tool with a real-time data stream from Learning Locker®.

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Centralize Reporting

All your reporting in one place.


Faster Access to Data

Direct connection to the database.


Standardize Data Structure

All your data is in the same shape, making reporting seamless.

BI Connector

Available for a low annual fee with your Enterprise License.

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