By: MongoDB   |   Type: Analytics  |  Cost: Premium

What is it?

The BI Connector from MongoDB allows users to create queries with SQL and visualize, graph, and report on their Learning Locker Enterprise data using existing relational business intelligence tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, and Qlik.

Why would I need it?

Business intelligence tools connect to a data source and, given a fixed tabular schema, allow users to visually explore their data. Learning Locker is built on MongoDB, which itself uses a flexible schema. This means that some business intelligence tools cannot use Learning Locker as a native data source. To use Learning Locker with a relational business intelligence tool such as Tableau, you must define a relational mapping for your xAPI data.

How does it work?

HT2 can connect your Enterprise Learning Locker directly to your chosen BI tool by configuring the BI Connector service. Each customer will have their own instance of the BI connector spun up for them and a connection made directly to the database.

The BI connector will flatten the JSON objects into a more typical relational format as a default schema; typically the default schema will not be suitable for easy use in your chosen BI tool such as Tableau or Power BI.

Working with one of our data scientists a more suitable schema will be constructed to format the statements in a table structure that is easy to use in your reporting tool. What this now allows is the use of SQL queries to be used against a noSQL database which is not normally possible without the use of a connector like this.

What will it cost?

The BI Connector is charged at a low annual rate in addition to your Enterprise subscription.


Our most comprehensive features (apps) are only available to our Enterprise SaaS customers.

Check your LRS needs against our features table to see if you’d benefit from Learning Locker® Enterprise.

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