By: HT2 Labs   |   Type: Data In  |  Cost: Free

What is it?

Cornerstone on demand is one of the best known LMS providers anywhere in the world.

Why would I need it?

Many organisations use Cornerstone as their primary LMS. It is quite possible that you might want to get xAPI data out of the LMS which is currently not possible from Cornerstone.

How does it work?

We convert activity output from Cornerstone to xAPI via CSV output. So, first thing, you’ll need to take a download of your data. This will then need to be added to the correct repository as agreed with HT2. We then have our Integration Pipeline setup to transform the csv and push the data to your LRS instance using the Learning Locker app key & secret.

What will it cost?

Absolute zero.

Our most comprehensive features (apps) are only available to our Enterprise SaaS customers.

Check your LRS needs against our features table to see if you’d benefit from Learning Locker® Enterprise.

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