By: HT2 Labs   |   Type: Data In   |  Cost: Free

What is it?

Degreed is a lifelong learning platform that your organisation may use as part of a subscription service.

Why would I need it?

Degreed have developed a reporting API that allows for a more granular view of the learner activity. If your organisation has an interest in a deeper dive into the performance of your courses and the activity of your learners then this might be for you.

How does it work?

We use our Integration Pipeline to poll the Degreed API via their REST interface. In order to get access we require the Degreed access token for the particular instance allowing us to poll the API. We poll every hour and pull through the activity data into the ETL tool at which point we transform the raw JSON into xAPI statements which are then pushed into the LRS using the app key & secret for the chosen store.

What will it cost?

Another great freebie for users of our Enterprise plans.


Our most comprehensive features (apps) are only available to our Enterprise SaaS customers.

Check your LRS needs against our features table to see if you’d benefit from Learning Locker® Enterprise.

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