By: HT2 Labs   |   Type: Data Out  |  Cost: Free

What is it?

The Learning Locker GDPR app gives a fully audited process for your organisation to receive and process data access requests, and to give individuals the right to access and port their data.

Why would I need it?

The General Data Protection Regulation will start to be enforced in Europe from May 25th, 2018. After this date, companies who are not compliant with GDPR regulations could be liable for significant fines and other legal action. The Learning Locker GDPR app will help you demonstrate how you fulfil key obligations you have to learners, including the right to access data held about them, the right to request edits for incorrect data and the right to download / port their own data.

How does it work?

The GDPR app is deployed a standalone application, hooked in to your Learning Locker. You can add your Data Security Team as users to the GDPR app without granting them access to your core Learning Locker.

When a data access request is submitted to the organisation (through your established access request process) a GDPR App administrator can login to the GDPR app and create a new data access request. The GDPR app generates a time-limited URL and PIN code that will allow the requester to access their data online for 48 hours. The requester uses the unique URL and PIN code within the time window to access their data and make any requests (edit, download, etc). Requests are sent directly back to the GDPR app and the administrator for action. Once action has been taken, the GDPR app logs the request as complete. Access to the data page is automatically revoked 48 hours after the request (and can be reinstated on-demand).

What will it cost?

To stay conformant with the law will cost you nothing. It’s free!


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