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What is it?

The Integration Pipeline is a catch-all term that we use to refer to the ability to convert some web service (API) into the xAPI format, in real-time. As long as your activity source has a suitable data stream that we can tap into, the Integration Pipeline can suck in that data, merge it to a defined xAPI recipe and place it in the Learning Locker.

Why would I need it?

Not every tool in the world will adopt the xAPI. Especially tools outside of the learning field – think CRMs, email systems, ERP and other performance systems. But the data in these systems is potentially fundamental to the measurements, analytics and automation techniques we want to apply in learning. So it’s important that you can capture this data, even if it means converting it. With the Integration Pipeline, HT2 Labs does all the heavy lifting. Just get us access to the API in question and we will work to ingest it, convert it and store it. No need to put us in touch with your vendor.

How does it work?

We make use of a variety of options for extracting the data; this could be via webhooks, an API or a CSV export. Whichever option is chosen, we extract activity data from your source and load this into an AWS S3 bucket. From here a trigger then launches AWS Lambda (serverless! Buzzwords!) to run our transformation scripts. These scripts can include custom calculations or additional processing steps, like joining the data. Our scripts output data into xAPI statements and insert into the desired LRS. If you’ve got a decent service as the provider we can get close to the same speed as you would expect from a normal xAPI insertion from start to finish. For less advanced activity providers batch processing is necessary.

What will it cost?

It depends a bit on the complexity of the integration and how popular the activity source is within the xAPI world. If you are looking to create an integration with a custom piece of software you just happen to have, it will likely cost a bit more than needing to integrate a very common software package. Get in touch with your account manager to get a customised quote.


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