Specify complex patterns of user behavior with this Learning Locker® automation app

Specify complex patterns of user behavior

Access to the Journeys app will enable you to specify complex patterns of user behavior, visualizing those who complete your journey requirements, automatically pushing out an API payload once the Journey is complete.

Think of it as ‘if this, then that’ for xAPI.

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Why Do I Need It?

Track, trigger and benchmark

Track User Activity

xAPI allows you to track granular levels of activity, giving managers quick visual access to see progress at-a-glance.

Trigger New Events

Particular sequences of user activity will trigger something new to happen - for example, failing a test might trigger a revision email to be sent.

Benchmark Your People

Identify your top performers by aggregating user information into more significant milestones that make it easier to benchmark people against each other.

How Does It Work?

The Journeys automation app enables you to make Journeys out of historical data


Journeys can be configured using the Learning Locker® GUI - you simply specify a series of Waypoints...

Set Your Outcomes

...set the outcome you need to happen...

Push It Live

...and then make the Journey live. Every statement that hits the LRS from then on will be inspected against the Journey criteria to keep progress up-to-date in real-time.

Part of the Automation suite

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Deliver personalized feedback and automate workflow


Sparks is a Learning Locker® app that uses statements to trigger follow on actions, deliver personalized feedback and automate workflow.

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Specify complex patterns of user behaviour


Our business rules layer ships with every Learning Locker® Enterprise installation without taking up one of your 'app' slots. Journeys allow you to specify complex patterns of user behaviour, visualizing those persons who complete your journey requirements and automatically pushing out an API payload when the Journey is completed. Think of it as 'if this, then that', for xAPI.

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Set Waypoints

Set a series of goals that need to be achieved in order to complete a journey.


Check Progress in Real Time

Bespoke journeys/visualization heatmap.

With Enterprise only.


Set Any Outcome

Outcomes allow you to send the result of a journey completion to an external course, perfect for checking off compliance or onboarding using your other systems.


Benchmark Top Performers

Easily see the progress of your most engaged employees.


Put Historical Data to Work

Journeys can be set 'after the fact' and configured to complete journeys retrospectively.


Issue Badges

Credly integration allows you to issue badges and compel employees to complete journeys.


Free with Learning Locker® Enterprise

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