By: HT2 Labs   |   Type: Integration  |  Cost: Free

What is it?

Linkedin Learning is one of the breakthrough products of recent years in the e-learning industry – online resources and video courses as provided by the combined libraries of and Linkedin. Our application takes learner activity data from Linkedin Learning and pipes it back into your Learning Locker so you can stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not.

Why would I need it?

Linkedin Learning is a great resource for any organisation to purchase, but how do you track who is actually using your subscription? Well, maybe with our app, that’s how!  With Linkedin Learning data flowing into your LRS you will not only be able to track individual activity (maybe using it as part of a formal program of learning) but you’ll also be able to spot wider macro trends about popular content throughout your organisation.

How does it work?

We take the native activity data exported from Linkedin Learning and convert it automatically to xAPI. We will give you data on enrollments, access and completions.

What will it cost?

Like most of our xAPI integration tools, this one is free for Enterprise customers.


Our most comprehensive features (apps) are only available to our Enterprise SaaS customers.

Check your LRS needs against our features table to see if you’d benefit from Learning Locker® Enterprise.

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