By: ServiceRocket   |   Type: Data In |  Cost: Premium

What is it?

Scooter is a SCORM to xAPI application that allows an administrator to upload packages of SCORM content (conforming to the SCORM 1.2 specification) to a Content Distribution Network, for use with SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems.

But, in a piece of cleverness, any activity that occurs when learners use the course will be sent to your Learning Locker (as well as reporting SCORM calls back to the LMS). We should really call it SCORM and xAPI.

Why would I need it?

Many of us have large amounts of SCORM content kicking about our organisations – SCORM still does the job of packaging and delivering content to LMS’s well, there is no need to change that. But to also get xAPI data out of those same experiences would help to make the data more portable and future-proof. Basically, we want SCORM-like functionality, but xAPI style data. This application from ServiceRocket delivers exactly this.

How does it work?

ServiceRocket have developed a SCORM conformant engine that can deliver SCORM functionality outside of any particular LMS.

What will it cost?

We’re in Beta on this one, so pricing is currently on a trial basis. Get in touch for a quote, telling us how many SCORM packages you are likely to upload and to how many users you’ll be pushing to take the content.


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