By: HT2 Labs   |   Type: Analytics  |  Cost: Premium

What is it?

HT2 Labs has a proprietary method for judging the efficacy of online social learning interactions – we call it Social Learning Intelligence. The Semantic Analysis add-on for Learning Locker implements our Social Learning Intelligence algorithm and gives you dashboards measuring the effectiveness of social learning.

Why would I need it?

If you want to understand what it is folks are saying as a part of a social learning process, the Semantic Analysis app is a must.

How does it work?

We take comments from your social learning platform, such as Curatr or Yammer, parse them into xAPI statements and store them in Learning Locker. Learning Locker can then pass on new comments to our Social Intelligence models. Whilst the core of these processes is proprietary, the basis of how the system works is a Recurrent Neural Network executed by the Keras API and written using the Python programming language.

We use Tensorflow to deploy our models in production. The real power behind this approach is our training data; we’ve already classified thousands of contributions using our Social Intelligence models. But sometimes our initial training data set is not relevant to the customer use case, in which case we need to spend a little time developing the training data further.

Once we are satisfied that Tensorflow is returning useful results, Learning Locker can use a RESTful method to pull the results of the Tensorflow output back into the Learning Record Store, where it is stored as extension data to previously submitted Statements. This allows you to visualise (or even use journeys) on the quantified output of our Social Intelligence algorithms.

What will it cost?

There’s a one-off configuration and training cost as we get to know your data and then it’s just a low annual fee to use with your Learning Locker Enterprise license.


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