By: Pedal Red   |   Type: Utility  |  Cost: Premium

What is it?

Sparks is a Learning Locker app that uses statements to trigger follow on actions, deliver personalized feedback and automate workflow.

Why would I need it?

Sparks is based around the concept of Events triggering Activities – a series of actions that can be triggered by Learning Locker statements. This can include things such as the delivery of timely, personalized, feedback throughout a learner’s participation in a course, sending out training evaluations following a course or notifying Line Managers of learner progress.

How does it work?

Sparks makes use of APIs and Webhooks from various tools including Learning Locker in order to act as Middleware for these systems.

In the case of Learning Locker, you can set up ‘statement forwards’ with various conditions, allowing conditional triggers that can send a whole range of content to individuals. This could include anything from an email reminder, a link to some new content or an evaluation survey.


What will it cost?

Sparks is available for a low annual fee in addition to your Learning Locker license. Cause we gotta keep the folks at Sparks sweet.




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