Automate tasks, actions and workflow with Sparks

Bring your learning data to life.

Sparks brings data to life to automate previously manual, time-consuming administrative tasks, leaving you more time to focus on developing ROI from your L&D initiatives.

Powered by xAPI with an xAPI-free interface, Sparks delivers actions, support and relevant content to the right users at the right time.

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Integrate, automate and take your analysis to the next level.

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Why Do I Need It?

Sparks delivers feedback when it's most valuable

Match People & Content

Daisy-chain your content together so that completion can enrol/nudge them towards another.

Increase Retention

Sparks allows you to nudge people back to your content should engagement drop off or they unenroll.

Keep It Relevant

Sparks can initiate communications to people based on what they have or haven't done.

How Does It Work?

Spark optimizes learning with Triggers, Actions & Personas

Set Triggers

Listen out for data that meets a given criterion. Data can be xAPI statements or from integrated services.

Define Actions

Define the actions to happen upon a trigger being activated. Choose single or multiple tracks.

Adaptive Personas

Set matrix values to ensure adaptive, automated messaging for users based on dynamic personas.

Part of the Automation suite

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Deliver personalized feedback and automate workflow


Sparks is a Learning Locker® app that uses statements to trigger follow on actions, deliver personalized feedback and automate workflow.

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Specify complex patterns of user behaviour


Our business rules layer ships with every Learning Locker® Enterprise installation without taking up one of your 'app' slots. Journeys allow you to specify complex patterns of user behaviour, visualizing those persons who complete your journey requirements and automatically pushing out an API payload when the Journey is completed. Think of it as 'if this, then that', for xAPI.

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Online Course Communication

Improve the experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalized and actionable feedback throughout their participation.


Delivery of Personalized Content

Delivery of follow on, personalized content based on a learner's experience making sure they are getting what is needed and when.


Just-in-Time Training

Working with simulations or IoT enabled devices, track and issue training, as it's needed based on real-time data gathered as people do their job.


Persona Aware Campaigns

Schedule cohort announcements in advance and track engagement. Scheduled by date or relative timing.


Automate Timely Support

Providing personalized, timely, actionable support actions to those learning and training, as they need it, can make a big difference.


View Learning Reports in Slack

Schedule and view learning reports in Slack. Select what data you would like to receive and when. You can also send to email/push elsewhere.


Available for a low annual fee with your Enterprise License.

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The Open Source Learning Locker® offers best-in-class aggregation, automation and analytics, whilst giving you complete flexibility in deployment - On-Premise or On-Cloud

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