By: Pedal Red   |   Type: Automation  |  Cost: Premium

What is it?

Our SurveyMonkey integration takes data from any surveys that you author and distribute and saves the outcomes directly into the Learning Locker – every question, answer and submission.

Why would I need it?

SurveyMonkey is the most widely used survey tool in the world and is heavily utilised by organisations for learning evaluation and research. Whilst there is much written to decry the use of ‘happy sheets’, they remain the backbone of much learning evaluation that takes place for both online and offline training experiences.

This data, along with further implementation surveys and other qualitative research, can form a fundamental part of learning impact assessment and evaluation.

How does it work?

To deploy, the client should create a SurveyMonkey app within SurveyMonkey and assign permissions. The correct scopes must be enabled for the app, as follows:

  • View responses
  • View response details
  • Create/modify webhooks
  • View webhooks
  • View users
  • View surveys

The access token will need to be provided to HT2 Labs who will configure an Integration Pipeline to handle the data flow. That’s it; any data generated by users taking surveys will henceforth be sent directly to Learning Locker (SurveyMonkey will also retain this data locally).

**Important Note**

Surveys must have an “email” field or be distributed via email for us to identify the user.

What will it cost?

This is a freebie for Enterprise Learning Locker customers, but it does require you to have a premium SurveyMonkey account.


Our most comprehensive features (apps) are only available to our Enterprise SaaS customers.

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