By: HT2 Labs   |   Type: Utility  |  Cost: Free

What is it?

You can use the short domain to create simple, shareable URLs to your resources that also send xAPI statements about usage back to your Learning Locker.

Why would I need it?

Many of the resources we upload to our intranets and file sharing sites inside the organisation are long and awkward. And they can be impossible to track. The URL shortener solves these two problems in one – short, trackable URLs. Brilliant.

How does it work?

The URL shortener is available as a standalone app, meaning folks who aren’t Learning Locker admins can create their own short URLs. First you configure the URL shortener with your Learning Locker API details, then invite your admins in to make their own URLs.

They simply paste in their long URL to the URL shortener and we return a shorter, more portable URL. When folks visit the link they will get taken to the URL originally pasted in and an xAPi statement will be sent to your LRS, making your links trackable.

What will it cost?

Absolutely free for Enterprise users.


Our most comprehensive features (apps) are only available to our Enterprise SaaS customers.

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