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What is it?

Our Yammer integration takes conversation data collected in Yammer and converts it to xAPI for storage in Learning Locker.

Why would I need it?

Yammer increasingly forms a part of the learning ecosystem – maybe it’s the 20 in your 70/20/10 adoption. But Yammer doesn’t always have the best reporting tools and it can be difficult for the learning function to measure the engagement they get using Yammer as part of the blend. Using this integration, the learning team can take control of the relevant data coming out of Yammer and pull it into analysis, alongside data from learning systems.

How does it work?

Simplistically, we use our Integration Pipeline to poll the Yammer API via their REST interface. In order to get access we require the Yammer access token for the particular instance allowing us to poll the API. You can whitelist groups so that you only store the conversations to which you have permission. We then use the last seen message ID to ensure that we collect the delta of new activity since the pipeline last ran and do not duplicate any statements. This is then transformed into xAPI statements and pushed into Learning Locker using the LRS app key & secret. Typically we poll every few minutes for new data, but cadence could be modified.

What will it cost?

Not a jot for Enterprise Learning Locker customer.


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