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6 Essential Skills Every Leader Needs to Develop

Whether you're a marketer, accountant or engineer by trade, when it comes to successfully leading a team there is a specific set of skills required.

Is Micro Learning the Secret to Ensuring Workplace Learning Happens in the Workplace?

How do we motivate our employees to engage in personal and professional development whilst performing as expected in their job roles?

Learning & Development Opportunities in the Workplace: A Benefit for a Growing Workforce

With the global workforce demanding more of their employers, organizations stand to benefit from implementing the right attractive learning and development opportunities.

Outputs-Based & Inputs-Based CPD: How Does the LXP Do Both?

No longer reserved for accountants and lawyers, CPD is here and ready to enhance the way you learn at work. Here, we examine how the Learning Experience Platform combines 2 previously separate forms of CPD.

Investing in Your Workforce: Continuing Professional Development Explained

For an organisation to truly see the benefit of workplace learning, it should work on enhancing the performance of the employee

Setting Goals: How You Can Enhance Your Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development [CPD] is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that aid learners in managing their own learning journey and growth.