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Is Your Learning Data Being Held Hostage?

How to identify if you're at risk, why you should care, and what you can do about it

Defining and Measuring the ROI of Learning

When was the last time you properly defined your learning outcomes and ROI measures when designing a course? Here's why you should...

Beyond Reporting: Gaining Actionable Insight from Learning Data Logs

Deriving useful insight from Learning Data logs for accurate trends and predictions

Conducting an LRS Needs Analysis

To get started with xAPI, you're going to need an LRS, so what questions do you need to be asking potential vendors?

Why Are We Doing This? Asking the Right Questions of Your Learning Data

No matter where your data is coming from, you need to start with the basic question: What are we doing this for anyway?

Be More Google: Using Big Data to Shape the Learner Experience

Realistically, what can your organisation hope to do to exploit Big Data like Google exploits Big Data?

The Simple Way to Getting Started With Learning Data

If you’re someone who’s stumbled into, or new to a ‘data’ role, here’s our advice on how to get started.

Continuous Improvement Means You Gotta Measure

Aaron Silvers shares his thoughts on continuous improvement and the questions of "Who *owns* the LMS?