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Security Matters – Keeping Your Data Safe In A Post GDPR World

The upcoming implementation of GDPR legislation in Europe puts additional pressure on internet data processors and controllers to ensure that…

How Customers are Using Curatr To Deliver Real Organisational Change

Earlier this month we invited a number of friends and clients to the latest of our new Experience Day events:…

Digital Content Curation for Workplace Learning & Development

Adopting a curation-first strategy for your talent organisation can begin to create a significant competitive edge.

Curating Content for Learning: Is it Legal?

We spend so much money creating content, wouldn’t we be better to just curate?

Gamification, Wearables and Wellbeing: The HT2 Steps Challenge

Results of our steps challenge to see if L&D could potentially adopt gamification tactics used by fitness tracker companies.

Content Curation: Your New Learning Superpower

Online learning is very much mainstream, but it's also expensive. How do you combat this? Content curation.

What Netflix Can Teach Us About Learning Design

Does Netflix's definition of “hooked” (the episode where 70% who watch go on to complete the whole series) apply to learning?

20 Free Sources of Learning Content for Your Curation

Stuck for content to curate for your learning? Here's our starter for 10 (or should that be 20?)