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Simplifying the Road to Insight

Learning Locker Product Manager, Ian, walks us through the latest updates for the platform and the decision-making behind each of them.


Sparks is a platform that uses data to power adaptive and personalized nudges for learners, employees, managers and instructors as and when they need it.

Social Intelligence Dashboard

HT2 Labs has a proprietary method for judging the efficacy of online social learning interactions - we call it Social Learning Intelligence.

Sparks Messaging Channels

If you're using Sparks to automate personalized messaging for learners, there are five channels currently available: Email, SMS, Push (via…

What’s New in Sparks?

Throughout January, we rolled out a few enhancements for the new 'Sparks' app, including a new feedback loop, additional persona building options and a dedicated analytics dashboard.

Sparks: Meet the Data-Driven Automation App for Learning Locker®

A practical look at how Sparks, the latest Learning Locker® app, can help L&D professionals overcome the struggles they face in motivating learners to engage (and stay engaged) with their learning platform.

Understanding the Value of Social Interaction: The Social Intelligence Dashboard

Our research into ways to effectively analyze the learning value generated from social learning experiences has culminated in the Social Intelligence Dashboard.

The Winners List: Learning Locker® Open Source Awards 2019

Meet the winning organizations from the first annual Learning Locker® Open Source Awards, recognizing innovation & creativity in the global xAPI community.

Introducing Sparks

HT2 Labs introduces Sparks; a tool that uses learning data to enhance the learning experience through the delivery of recommended actions, support and content.

Improving Visibility in Learning Locker: Visualizations Update

Learning Locker Product Manager Ian talks us through the latest updates for visualizations within Learning Locker.

Keeping Your Shareable Dashboards Secure

Join Learning Locker Product Manager, Ian, as he discusses some important updates for the LRS, namely how to keep your data secure when sharing between sites

Leveraging xAPI for Long-Lasting Learning Impact

xAPI goes beyond basic insights and pushes your Learning Data further - proving impact & positive change

Enhancing Visibility of xAPI Insights With Shareable Dashboards

Learning Locker Product Manager Ian explains how to use the Shareable Dashboards feature, helping to better distribute learning analytics & xAPI insights

Powering Performance with Progressive Personas

HT2 Labs Learning Locker Product Manager Ian explains the benefits of using personas in your LRS, along with some advice on how to get started

How to Launch Elearning Content Using xAPI

Already using xAPI for more than just reporting? Then you may be wondering how it can be used to launch elearning content

Introducing our new AMI Installer for Learning Locker LRS

Our new install scripts take care of setting up your LRS, with the flexibility to install only the bits you need

5 Steps to Successful LRS Implementation

We share our process and the questions you need to answer to ensure your first LRS Implementation is a success

HT2 Experience Day Round-Up

We hosted the very first HT2 Experience Day in our new office, discussing all things Learning Analytics and catching up with clients, partners and friends

Learning Locker Open Source v2 is Here!

The Open Source Edition of Learning Locker gets a number of key feature updates as we roll out version 2

What’s New in Learning Locker v2.3 (Enterprise)

A look at the new features and fixes in the latest Enterprise version of Learning Locker

Announcing Learning Locker v2.0

2015 was a heck of a year for Learning Locker, but we've been working behind the scenes on some major updates for 2016

Say Hello to Our Little (Moodle) Plugin…

We've developed a Moodle plugin for the xAPI created with help from our partners the Charity Learning Consortium

How to Get Control of your Learning Locker LRS

A look at how to create and modify Scopes, Scopes currently in use, and what the future holds

Load Balancing Learning Locker

Loan Balancing in Learning Locker explained by one of HT2s Software Engineers

Learning Locker and xAPI: The First Year and Looking Forward

A look back over the past few months and what the future holds for Learning Locker and the xAPI

Introducing Our New xAPI Statement Factory

Our new Statement Factory suite allows you to validate your xAPI statements outside of Learning Locker

xAPI Conformance Testing and Some Thanks

After working hard testing Learning Locker to prove (and improve) xAPI compliance, we've reached 100%!

Learning Locker xAPI Reports and Exports – Part 3

The third in a three part series, in which we'll be talking about what you can do with data exports

Using Storyline 2 with Learning Locker

How to use Storyline 2 without an LMS - great for quick demos and understanding what an LMS actually does to your course

Learning Locker xAPI Reports and Exports – Part 2

The second in a 3-part series, this post looks at Exports - getting data out of Learning Locker into external applications

Learning Locker xAPI Reports and Exports – Part 1

The first in a 3-part series, this post looks at something that has been a feature of learning Locker for some time: Reports

Learning Locker LRS: What You Missed in 100 Commits

We recently released a new version of Learning Locker - so here's what you may have missed in the last 100 commits

7 Recent Updates to Learning Locker

Recent developments have focused on creating more efficient contribution & testing processes

Learning Locker LRS: Changing the Way We Handle Data

A video interview around the background and future intent behind HT2's new Learning Record Store, Learning Locker

Learning Locker Reaches v1 and We Launch the Cloud LRS

Announcing the release of Learning Locker v1.0 and the official release of our new Cloud LRS turnkey offering

Announcing Learning Locker v1.0rc1

The ‘Release Candidate’ for version 1.0 of Learning Locker available, we're almost ready to deliver a full v1 release

How Open Source Can Reframe a Market

Open Source is about altruism and the people coming together to create something that generate values for others

Learning Locker: A New Direction

Learning Locker has changed. But we haven't lost sight of our original ideas: it's just our approach that's a little bit different...