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Closing the Leadership Gap in Your Organization

The need for effective leadership is obvious, yet it seems training and development programs focused on cultivating new generations of…

Creating a Learning ‘Vision’ Using a Learning Experience Platform

Organizations far and wide are now implementing a Learning Experience Platform, such as Curatr LXP, within their organization, but they all have a different issue to resolve or objective to achieve.

7 Habits of Highly Effective LXPs

We consider the outcome focused benefits that LXPs are starting to bring to organizations and the end users who use them.

Outputs-Based & Inputs-Based CPD: How Does the LXP Do Both?

No longer reserved for accountants and lawyers, CPD is here and ready to enhance the way you learn at work. Here, we examine how the Learning Experience Platform combines 2 previously separate forms of CPD.

Too Busy to Learn?

In the workplace, learning is happening all the time; developing projects, participating in meetings, making decisions. Yet, organizations don't give credit for the on-the-job learning employees are already doing.

An eLearning Evolution: LMS to Learning Experience Platform

The Learning Experience Platform [LXP] is a fast-growing trend that looks to curate and aggregate content,creating learning/career pathways, skills development, and providing the user with personalised recommended content.

Why ‘Reflection’ Encourages a Better Learning Experience

In a professional context, ‘reflection’ often means critically assessing the ways in which we can improve upon a certain task or performance, how we cope with certain situations or even, how we interact with people we meet.

Personalised Learning: Your Questions Answered

All the need to know about 'Personalised Learning'

Is Your Organisation Ready to Support Self-Directed Learning?

With workplace tech enabling modern organisations to shift closer to more autonomous methods of working, workplace L&D has required a similar evolution

Creating Effective Learning Experiences: Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning and its learner-centric approach helps reduce gaps in skills and knowledge

Directed to Self-Directed Learning: The Transition

Why is Self-Directed Learning becoming a more compelling option for many organisations?