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One Size Fits One: What Managers Need VS What Users Want

In L&D, Personalised Learning offers a more concise experience for learners, enabling users to access readily available recommended content without first having to sift through a load of wholly irrelevant content

Why We Should Be Talking About Learning Journeys, Not Pathways

What do we mean by 'journeys'?

What Learners Want From Personalisation Will Surprise You…

HT2 Labs CEO Ben Betts explores the connection between spending too long browsing Netflix (we've all been there) and Personalised Learning recommendations

Exploring The Personalisation of Workplace Learning

In a world where we receive personalised and targeted interactions on a constant basis - what does it mean for L&D?

Everyone’s Talking About It, But Just What is ‘Personalised Learning’?

The increased used of of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) within L&D has coincided with the popularity in the use of the term personal/personalised being used more across different technologies

How To Make The Most of Webinars For Personal Learning & Development

Jo Cook shares her expert advice on how to ensure your time as a webinar attendee is well spent.

5 Ways to Personalise Learning with Curated Content

Stephen Walsh shares his expert advice on personalising learning and how to become a content curation hero.