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Changing Behaviors: Using Nudge Theory to Engage Your Learners

Implement principles of Nudge Theory to warn your learners if they fall off track or alert them to an important deadline.

Finding Influences in Unexpected Places: Top Design Trends for 2019

In this guest post, Kineo's Lead Solutions Designer, Liz Smith, shares where she finds design influences in unexpected places.

Speech Recognition: Transforming the Way We Learn?

Voice Activation technology is rapidly transforming our daily lives, but when it comes to L&D where do the possibilities lie?

Your Predictions for Elearning in 2019

We asked, you told us! We look at some of your predictions for rising technologies and trends in elearning for the coming year.

The Digital Transformation of Elearning

From chatbots and AI-driven recommendations, to virtual and augmented reality the digital transformation is changing the way we learn dramatically.

5 Top Tips for Securing an Internship in a Software Company

Some top tips from one of HT2s recent interns on how to secure to an internship with a company that is the right fit for you and your interests

3 Key Takeaways from Elliott Masie’s #Learning2017

Digital disruption, the need for collaboration, and a right-here-right-now mentality: our take on Learning2017s key themes

20 Elearning Terms Everyone Should Know

Have you recently accepted a job in or related to the Learning Technology industry? Or perhaps you’re researching your next…

L&D: It’s Time to Rethink Compliance Training

With compliance training largely reported to be ineffective, is it time organisations rethink their approach?

For Exceptional People, You Need a Next Gen Learning Ecosystem

In today's interconnected world, you don’t need to make one magical platform that does it all; you need an ecosystem

8 Hours in the World of Elliott Masie’s Learning 2016

Elliott Masie’s Learning conference is quite unlike any other learning conference you’re likely to attend. Home to 1,700 learning leaders,…

Future Tech: Proximity Beacons in Learning

As part of #LTMOOC16, we ask: What does the future hold for proximity beacons in learning?

Think Virtual and Augmented Reality Only Have a Place in the Gaming World? Think Again….

Exploring the use of virtual & augmented reality in learning: who is already using it, and how?

Taking Control of your Learning Ecosystem (Part 2)

A look at how to manage your xAPI learning data through the use of a Learning Record Store (LRS)

Taking Control of your Learning Ecosystem (Part 1)

Stop thinking about learning systems in silos, and start embracing the ecosystem. But first: get control of your data!

L&D Pros: It’s Time You Broke Out Of Your Bubble

It's easy to get trapped inside the "Bubble". In this post, Craig Taylor shares his experience of "breaking out", and how you can too.

What Does Elearning Look Like, Beyond the ‘Next’ Button?

Technology-enabled learning isn't a new thing, but just what other options are there, beyond elearning?