Addressing the Erasmus+ challenge of raising the quality of education through the use of learning analytics.


Despite the fact that many HE institutions have embraced elearning and other learning technology solutions, CTL have found that there is still no way for either the learning institution or the students themselves, to form a clear picture of their online learning habits.

As such, this project aims to identify how students of higher educations across Europe learn online by taking a bottom-up approach learning analytics approach: Mapping and feeding back to the students and their lecturers the existing learning patterns in 4 different types of online language learning and maths courses.

Utilizing Learning Locker LRS

Easy-to-use dashboards for non-specialist users are a key part of this project to ensure both students and their tutors:

For students: so they can not only understand their own data about how they learn online, but also to be able to compare their profiles to those of their peers
For educators: to get dynamic and real-time overviews of how their students are progressing, who might be at risk of dropping out or of failing for the course, and which parts of the courses cause difficulties/require more feedback

You can find full details of the project here.

About CTL

In 2006, the Centre Applied Linguistics (CTL) became the first research institute of the Hasselt University to be active throughout the entire Associatie Universiteit Hasselt (UHasselt – PHL – XIOS) – with a focus on empirical research, mainly financed by Flemish, federal and European funds.