Curatr LXP Pro: Create, deliver and measure large-scale customized learning experiences

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Quickly and seamlessly align your training initiatives with your brand, product and strategy.


Focus on Skills

Curatr LXP Pro allows you to focus your learners on the skills you need to develop in your organisation. Make use of our smart recommendations and content, or use your own framework and content to create something entirely bespoke.

Intelligence Inside

With Learning Locker powering your data, make use of rich and detailed dashboard reporting from multiple sources and systems. Analyse comments in Curatr via our innovative AI-driven Social Intelligence Dashboard.

Course Design & Delivery

With full course design features, including assessment, moderation and reporting, Curatr can deliver structured learning programs at scale. Encourage user-generated content with video capture, links and direct file uploads.

Self-Directed Learning

Support and structure self-directed learning across your organization. Curatr LXP encourages self-directed learning by design, supporting independence through clear scaffolding and support.

Branding and SSO

Your own homepage, branding throughout, and SSO as standard with our Pro platform.

Modern Learning Management

Using our extensive Learning Management tools, you can regulate user access, schedule cohorts and set permissions throughout.

Getting Started is Easy

Here's how we will use our experience to make your next project a success:


Start with a Free 30-day Trial

We'll set you up a free trial account for 30 days, allowing you to get familiar with the features and benefits of Curatr LXP Pro.


Get Set-Up

Once you've chosen the best Curatr LXP Pro plan for your needs, our team will ensure your setup is efficient and effective with all necessary integrations and platform configurations.


Make it a Success

Our Customer Success Managers will work with you to ensure Curatr LXP Pro works seamlessly with your learning initiatives at all times.

No Implementation Fees

That's right - we'll set Curatr LXP Pro up for you free of charge.


Which version of Curatr is right for your organization?

Curatr LXP
Curatr LXP Pro
Learning Experience

Self-Directed Skill Development

Help your learners to plan, track and showcase their professional development

Curated Playlists & Courses

Enable your experts to curate specific content into courses for learners

Smart Nudges

Use levelling, notifications and light-touch gamification to encourage engagement

Discussion & Peer Review

Enable team discussion and voting on any learning content

Video Capture

Get people talking with user-generated video

Custom Recommendation Engine

Create your own recommendation engine based on your organisation's competencies and content

Leadership Skills Library

Thousands of learning resources, expertly curated for your users

Learning Analytics


Easy to use dashboard graphics with in-depth user reporting

Automated Digests

Save your administrators time and get reports delivered directly to their inbox

Learning Locker

A built-in Learning Record Store to create a full xAPI ecosystem

Social Intelligence Dashboards

Identify potential high performers and skills gaps through our interaction analysis engine

Learning Management

Course Design & Delivery

Create, schedule and administer digital courses

Course Catalog

Offer up courses for open enrolment, as and when learners need them

Integrate All Your Assets

Upload or link to all of your favourite tools; Storyline, Vimeo and more

Resource Library

Keep a single version of each content object in a resource library


Use Curatr in 15 languages

Integrated xAPI

Platform-wide support for xAPI tracking of user actions

Advanced xAPI

Securely launch xAPI e-learning content and track it back to reward completion

Learning Implementation

Look and Feel

Add your own logo, images and theme colours

Custom Design

Includes custom homepage, custom naming and branding

Single Sign On

We work with Enterprise standards, like SAML 2.0, to integrate with existing systems and directories


Integrate with Stripe to provide a seamless payment gateway for courses

Trusted Across The Globe

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The software is thoughtfully designed to encourage long-lasting behavioral change in learners. The principle of social learning is embedded throughout and participants are encouraged to reflect and share their thoughts after every learning object. I am encouraged by the thought that sits behind the design of this software.

Rachel Hammel

Head of QIClearn

The platform is intuitive enough to use for end users and pretty straightforward for back-end users. It is a simple platform with a lot of possibilities for integration with other platforms (like Vimeo, Survey Monkey, etc.). The platform is in constant development and HT2 Labs really listen to the feedback of customers. This is not just a platform, it is a partner with a future-proof vision on e-learning.

Thomas Geusens

Founder, Revolv - People in Motion

A number of faculty members were so enthusiastic about their experience with Curatr, they are currently implementing it to support Professional Development Communities for applications such as Research Methods courses and student teacher cohorts.

Dr. Andrew Feldstein

Educational Administrator, Fort Hays State University

It's very easy to design and develop MOOCs with Curatr. Content is everywhere, so lets curate! We also like the nice analytics and dashboards in the back-end of Curatr.

Jos Maassen

Owner, YOUFactory