MOOC – Compliance Training: A More Social Approach

A 3-week course showcasing how social learning approaches can be used to deliver better compliance training.

Event Details

July 26 – August 9 2017

Attending from HT2 Labs

Dr Ben Betts

Craig Taylor

Other attendees TBC

In this free course offering we’ve taken a change in direction to our usual ‘Learning & Development’ related topics… Or have we?

Compliance/Mandatory/Statutory Training is very often seen as the bane of an employees life as well as that of the L&D Managers – but it doesn’t have to be like that!

Most of us have probably sat through the traditional approach to this type of training and have hurriedly clicked through screen-after-screen of content to quickly answer/guess a few questions before closing the system down to return to it 12 months later…

We know there’s a better way! And in this course we’ll be showcasing what Fire Safety Training* could look like. We’ll explode the myth (and let’s be honest, the practice) of Compliance Training needing to be done in isolation to others and in a ‘tick box’ fashion.

*Please note that we are not Subject Matter Experts in Fire Safety training and are not suggesting that this MOOC is technically accurate from a Fire Safety perspective, but we do hope that it might get you thinking of a better way to approach Compliance/Mandatory/Statutory Training in your Organization.

Join this MOOC and learn how to make your compliance training more engaging and achieve greater, longer-lasting impact.