MOOC – Demystifying Personalized Learning

A 4-week course to help you understand L&Ds hot new trend and why making learning more personalized matters.

Event Details

January 22 – February 12 2018

Attending from HT2 Labs

Dr Ben Betts

Other attendees TBC

This course will explore the most common questions being asked about personalized, self-directed learning, and how to get started facilitating more personalized learning in your organization.

We’ll be reflecting on the results from our Personalized Learning survey throughout the MOOC, so do make sure your thoughts are captured here before we kick-off!

Demystifying Personalised Learning runs over 4 weeks of content, each week unlocking as we go:

Week 1: Personalization in Daily Life

Week 2: Personalization in the L&D World

Week 3: Personalization Within Organizations

Week 4: Personalization with You

Don’t worry if you haven’t joined right at the start – it is simple to get up to speed without missing out. The end goal of this MOOC is for you to understand what is meant by the term ‘personalized learning‘, why you might want to make your learning more personalized, and how personalization is already being used by some of the world’s leading organizations.

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