MOOC – Foundations of the Social Age

This course is for those who wish to build on their understanding of the Social Age.

Event Details

January 1 2018 – January 1 2019

Attending from HT2 Labs

Dr Ben Betts

Other attendees TBC

In the Social Age, everything has changed.

The Social Contract between organization and individual is fractured, the nature of work is changing, we’ve seen the democratization of communication and the devolution of creativity, with the old structures of power and control replaced by socially moderated and dynamic forms of Social Leadership.

This is a course for those who wish to build a broad understanding of the Social Age. Each week we will explore all aspects of the Social Age, share our stories and experiences and consider what these changes mean for us and for our organizations.  Each week we will write co-created story of our shared thoughts, true to the dynamic nature of knowledge in the Social Age. Every story should be different, but we can learn and build upon each one to develop and deepen our understanding.