MOOC – Understanding Impact: The Final xAPI Frontier

A free MOOC to help you understand what xAPI is and how it can be used to measure and create impact.

Event Details

June 11 – July 2 2018

Attending from HT2 Labs

Ian Blackburn

Ryan Smith

Chris Bishop

Other attendees TBC

This course will explore how xAPI data can create, measure and prove business impact by providing better insights into your learning and performance data.

Understanding Impact: The Final xAPI Frontier runs over 4 weeks of content, each week unlocking as we go:

Week 1: Integrations In

Week 2: Exploring Personas

Week 3: Embarking on Journeys

Week 4: Integrations Out

Don’t worry if you haven’t joined right at the start – it is simple to get up to speed without missing out.

The end goal of this MOOC is for you better understand the inherent role that xAPI data plays in gleaning the most accurate and beneficial insights from your learning data, allowing you to measure and prove the impact that your learning initiatives have on your business.