Not Just Another Elearning Course

A 3-part interactive learning experience exploring the value of combining traditional learning with user-generated content, curated content and activities.

Event Details

September 16 – October 7 2019
Curatr LXP

Attending from HT2 Labs

Anna Lloyd

Lindsey Coode

Matt Watts

Ruby Brooke-Wilkinson

Other attendees TBC

Want to change the game in online learning?

In this Open Learning Experience (OLX), we will help you understand the benefits of taking a different approach to creating your online learning experiences.

The days of creating a traditional elearning module for every new learning requirement are long gone, and this course has been designed to help you craft more engaging learning experiences for less. Learn how and when to use existing content, curate new content from the web and engage learners with social activities.

Each week we will explore the different steps involved in creating a learning experience from existing content and user-generated input, analysing your requirements to planning the solution and making it happen.


Course Structure

Part 1: Why and When to Try a New Approach   16 – 22 Sept

Part 2: Structuring Your Learning Experience     23 – 29 Sept 

Part 3: Curating and Creating Success                    30 Sept – 7 Oct 


This latest OLX will be of interest to any learning professionals interested in finding new, more dynamic ways of meeting their learning needs. Whether you’re an L&D director or course designer, this experience will offer you new ways of thinking about online learning.

HT2 Labs’ courses typically attract 500+ enrolments from around the world and are a great opportunity for individuals to interact with experts and peers from the industry, sharing knowledge, best practice, case studies and ideas.

This course is suitable for anyone working in L&D or higher/further education. No specific technical or training experience is required however, those with no background in online learning at all may need to do a bit of background study to help along the way.


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