MOOC – Run Your Own LRS in 4-Weeks or Less

A 4-week course to get you up and running with your Open Source edition of Learning Locker®.

Event Details

October 16 – November 6 2017

Attending from HT2 Labs

Dr Ben Betts

Ian Blackburn

Other attendees TBC

This course focuses on the technical side of xAPI: getting up-and-running with a Learning Record Store.

You won’t need to be a programmer to take part, but you will need some experience of implementing servers, software and systems administration in general.

You’ll also need access to a server (either on cloud, like AWS, or on your own devices) and administration rights to install new software.

Week 1: Getting Up and Running

Week 2: Getting Data Into Your LRS

Week 3: Getting Data Out of Your LRS

Week 4: What Next?

The end goal of this MOOC is for you to have a working Learning Record Store* up, running and available for you to develop and test your xAPI concepts.

*This is the very latest release of our award-winning Open Source LRS, packed full of features like real-time visualization, webhooks and much, much more.


Join this MOOC and learn all you need to know about how to get started with the world’s most installed LRS.