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How Can Your Organization Climb the Data Maturity Scale?

Data has become a modern-day asset to organizations. Using analytics to take full advantage of data is becoming an increasing priority across every business sector.

Learning Analytics: Why It’s Time to Look at the Bigger Picture

If L&D is going to embrace 2019 as the 'year of data', practitioners need to take a step back and look at learning analytics more strategically to reap the results the industry is hoping for.

Data-Driven L&D: How Learning Analytics Can Enhance the Employee Experience

L&D professionals have a lot to contribute when it comes to improving employee experience, and are best placed to make use of all the data organizations have at their fingertips.

Why Is Digital Learning’s Value So Poorly Measured Today… And What Can You Do About It?

When you consider the power of data, there is no doubt that it should be the foundation of how we organize and facilitate learning.

Why Do We Need an Analytics Role on the L&D Team?

There's a growing trend among leading brands for bringing data and analytics roles onto the L&D team.

How to Harness Soft Skills Learning Data to Develop the Workforce of the Future

Few organizations are putting their learning and development data to good use. The reality is that they could be harnessing it to predict future staffing needs and help their business get ahead.

Mindset for Measurement: Getting to Impact for Training & Learning

According to Deloitte's research in 2006, the L&D community found measurement as the No. 1 challenge in training. Fast forward to today and the challenges for measuring impact remain the same.

A Look at Data Analytics Trends for 2019

As our understanding of data analytics has developed, data analytics is being used in a wave of innovative and exciting new ways.

10 Smart Ways HR Departments Can Leverage Workforce Analytics

Big data has been shifting marketing and organizational methodologies across almost every sector of business.

What is Machine Learning & Why Does it Matter for Business?

Machine Learning is AI technology which allows machines to learn by using algorithms to interpret data to predict outcomes & learn from successes/failures.

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