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A Look at Data Analytics Trends for 2019

As our understanding of data analytics has developed, data analytics is being used in a wave of innovative and exciting new ways.

10 Smart Ways HR Departments Can Leverage Workforce Analytics

Big data has been shifting marketing and organizational methodologies across almost every sector of business.

What is Machine Learning & Why Does it Matter for Business?

Machine Learning is AI technology which allows machines to learn by using algorithms to interpret data to predict outcomes & learn from successes/failures.

Want More Successful Digital Learning Journeys? Look at the Data

Digital learning data can be used to drive recommendations for personalization & adaptive learning that will help them make targeted improvements that yield long-term success.

Learning Analytics & Its Potential to Bridge Education Silos

With the ability to gather large amounts of data comes the ability to determine and understand the processes of learning in ways society has not yet realized.

Top 7 Big Data Analytics Trends for 2019

Data analytics trends are changing. Business enterprises need to implement the right data-driven big data analytics trends to stay ahead of the competition.

What Happens When You Add Big Data to L&D?

Traditional learning and development often relies upon transfer of learning measures, and leaders in L&D constantly are extrapolating all available metrics to determine levels of business impact or ROI.

Improve L&D Decisions with Predictive Analytics in eLearning

Looking at analytics data from a mindset of predicting learner behavior makes it possible to anticipate what employees will engage with and how their performance could improve as a result.

3 Ways Educators Are Using Big Data Analytics to Improve the Learning Process

Discover how Data Analytics creates new opportunities to improve the education process by helping teachers and learners make smarter decisions.

The Role of AI in Learning and Development

Given the fast pace of technological changes, L&D has to stay abreast of the latest approaches and methodologies as they develop their learning strategies.

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