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The Changing Face of Education with Elearning

Some useful techniques engaged in the educational sectors (such as smart classes) have led to a tremendous increase in the ease of education.

Online Education: Rules Under the Microscope

Definitions of innovative teaching models and expectations for accreditors of new programs are on the agenda as the Department of Education considers changing standards.

How Is Higher Ed Helping to Close the Global Knowledge Gaps?

The widening skills gap in many burgeoning industries is a topic that frequently gets included in front page news on the future of work.

Why Elearning in Higher Ed Will Grow in 2019

In 2018, key drivers cited included growing student demand, changing faculty attitudes, and a surge in the global elearning market.

How Online Learning is Doing Away With Traditional Learning Methods

Online learning has widened the scope of education and transcended it beyond classroom boundaries.

Learning in the Digital Age: The Flipped Classroom Method

Far from replacing traditional teaching methods, digital technology can actually enhance them for a new generation of learners.

The Education Revolution: How Online Learning Will Solve the Future of Higher Education

Data gathered by UNESCO estimates that 98 million students across the world will be deprived from seats in existing universities in 2025.

Digital Evolution: A New Approach to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Today’s students want always-on access to the network and resources, wherever they are on or off campus, for a deeper and more flexible learning experience.

4 Ways to Make Distance Learning Programs Stand Out

As competition heats up for online students, universities work harder to create a better learning experience for remote learners.

Beyond the Classroom

Can digital learning at scale accomplish the same depth of learning that a classroom can provide?

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