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Is Online Learning the Electric Car of Higher Ed?

Will teaching and learning in higher education move from mostly a face-to-face activity to one that is mainly done online?

Review of the Online Learning and Artificial Intelligence Education Market

Research into the online learning and artificial intelligence education markets and their effectiveness in supporting the development of skills in the English workforce.

What Can AI Do for Education?

A new survey found that 68% of higher education digital leaders feel the effective use of this technology is key to their digital transformation projects.

Can Elearning Replace the Classroom?

A recent article said that automation is due to threaten 800m jobs worldwide. With such a huge disruption on the horizon, what does this mean for traditional learning?

4 Reasons You Should Be Learning Online

Studying online has become one of the most popular ways of getting a higher education, and evidence even shows it's becoming as (if not more) effective as face-to-face learning.

Digital Transformation Empowers Student Learning in Higher Education

Universities across the country are now utilizing digital transformation initiatives to improve classrom accessibility and data analytics.

Higher Education Revamps Online Education in 2019 as Traditional Enrolment Declines

As University application rates drop, institutions change their tactics to encourage students to invest in higher education.

The Changing Face of Education with Elearning

Some useful techniques engaged in the educational sectors (such as smart classes) have led to a tremendous increase in the ease of education.

Online Education: Rules Under the Microscope

Definitions of innovative teaching models and expectations for accreditors of new programs are on the agenda as the Department of Education considers changing standards.

How Is Higher Ed Helping to Close the Global Knowledge Gaps?

The widening skills gap in many burgeoning industries is a topic that frequently gets included in front page news on the future of work.

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