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How to Future-Proof L&D

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends, experimenting with new tools and empowering others to do so will enable the function to turn the dial on learning effectiveness.

Micro Learning Trends to Adopt in 2019

Micro Learning consists of short, bite-sized learning nuggets, with each nugget being action-orientated and designed to meet a specific learning outcome.

3 Reasons Why the LXP is the Future of Organizational Learning

A tool that incorporates personalised learning, virtual reality and AI-driven chatbots in addition to organisational resources and content, the LXP offers modern, data-driven, self-directed learning that is unique for each individual user.

Is LXP the New LMS?

LMS's have been the central and most talked-about technology in the e-learning and corporate Learning & Development space for the last 20 years.

Data Science: What To Expect in 2019

New advances in AI and Machine Learning mean that data can be applied in brand new ways, and in unprecedented modelling systems, to do much more than was possible just a few years ago.

The Top 5 Trends in Learning & Development

From bite-sized training to experiential learning, let’s look at the top five learning and development trends.

The Digital Transformation of the Learning Function

Digital transformation is changing the learning and development function and the role of the CLO. It is as much about strategy and culture as it is about technology.

6 Top Trends in Elearning For 2019

The eLearning industry has revolutionized at a great pace due to advances in the technological and cyber industries.

The Future of Learning Technology

Technology no longer simply refines previously accepted means and media. So, to understand – and shape L&D’s future – we first need to suspend the conditions that limit our imagination.

Learning Experience Platforms: L&Ds Most Popular Trend

The LXP is L&Ds latest revelation, emerging in response to the rapidly evolving needs of the learner in an environment rich in digital touchpoints.

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