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How Human Performance Technology & Learning Experience Design Are Integrated

Learning Experience Design encompasses the entire ecosystem of learning both on the macro and micro scale. A trend is occurring in the elearning space where Instructional Design models, and rapid elearning development tools have taken precedence over HPT.

The Many Hats of the Instructional Designer

Instructional design has evolved over the past couple of decades, and there is an ongoing need to promote the value and understanding of the ID professional role in talent development.

Tips To Enhance The Impact Of Content Curation In eLearning

Content Curation enables learners to find the most suitable and relevant content for their learning needs via a variety of different sources.

Microlearning In The Workplace: 15 Amazing Examples To Make Your Training Exciting

With learners lacking motivation to interact with workplace learning, organisations now see microlearning as an important tool for formal and informal training.

The Future of Instructional Design: Experience Design

Learning strategies are not equally effective. To start seeing effective learning we need to move from designing courses to designing authentic experiences.

5 Instructional Design Mistakes You Can Avoid

Our instructional design services help create content solutions that ensure high levels of user engagement, meeting their learning objectives.

Designing Effective Learning

The changing tastes of learners, and the shift towards distance learning have brought a significant change in the way eLearning is designed and delivered.

Why Instructional Design Matters In eLearning

Despite its relatively short history, online education has quickly become an acceptable platform for both formal and informal learning.

3 Resolutions for Instructional Design and Development

Time for New Year's Resolutions? With that, here are three fundamental resolutions for instructional designers and developers.

Instructional Design For eLearning: Essential Guide To Creating Successful eLearning Courses

Newly published research, case studies, tools and templates and dozens of practical end-of-chapter exercises to test your knowledge on Instructional Design.