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5 Steps to Creating a Career Development Plan

With the job market as competitive as it is, it's more important than ever to invest back in the people who helped you reach your success in the first place.

Rethinking Professional Development for Learning Professionals

Is the current way we think about Professional Development for learning professionals actually holding back the learning profession?

The Top 10 Skills People Want to Learning in 2019 & How to Learning Them

Data collected from the SkillUp your Life Program indicates the top 10 skills people want to learn in 2019.

How to Identify Promotion Opportunities: Seven Ways to Find Your Next Move

One of the most important steps to landing a promotion is knowing what roles you can be promoted into - some companies have clearly defined paths.

Focus On Entry-Level Employee Development

Employee development is a buzzword that human resources professionals are accustomed to hearing. But when executed properly, its benefits are fruitful.

Why Unlimited Content Isn’t Useful For Your Learners

Now that access to content is far easier than it ever has been, the issue facing organisations has moved to providing the right kind of content, at the right time, via the right channel.

How to Create Your Professional Development Action Plan

Professional development is critical for success as a modern engineer. Here are some tips to help you create your own professional development action plan based around the skills most desired by employers.

6 Features of Effective Professional Development

Here are six characteristics that studies agree make for effective PD, what they really tell us, and what they don’t.

What Is the Whole-Person Approach to Training & Development?

The whole-person approach is a holistic method that accounts for an individual's life and their vision of self, and offers up the resources that person needs to make that vision real.

Employers Prioritize Professional Development For Staff Research Finds

Nearly all employers (97%) are planning to maintain or increase their spend on employee benefits over the next two years, new research from the CIPD and LCP reveals.

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