Oxford, UK: HT2 Labs to confirm integration with Filtered’s magpie API, to deliver personalised learning recommendations through HT2 Labs products from September.


The teams at HT2 Labs and Filtered have joined together to offer product integrations to provide a more complete personalised learning experience for their clients.

The partnership will see Filtered’s set of algorithms (known as ‘magpie’) deliver personalised learning recommendations to HT2 Labs’ software platforms.

magpie is already closely integrated with Learning Locker (HT2 Labs’ Learning Record Store), with the the focus of this new partnership being to enable customers to power recommendations with their own experience data, driving engagement through accurate and prompt learning content suggestions.

Commenting on the partnership, HT2 Labs CEO Ben Betts said:

“This is a huge step forward in the industry and showcases how two innovators can come together in a seamless way.”

Attributing the success of this partnership to the launch of Filtereds’ magpie, Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO of Filtered, added;

“Thanks to magpie’s new API integration capability, our systems come together in a flawless fashion.”

Come September, customers will be able to launch the magpie sequence through a chatbot interface which will be directly integrated into HT2 Labs products. Recommendations are drawn from a list of 40 core competencies, instantly returning a set of personalised suggestions curated from an array of sources, including HBR, TED, Forbes, The Economist and FutureLearn.

Both Filtered and the team at HT2 Labs will be sharing a stream of updates via online channels over the coming months as they work together towards a full launch of the integration, to be offered as part of HT2 Labs’ milestone launch event in September. More details on this soon.


If you have any further questions about HT2 Labs’ magpie integration, (or anything else for that matter) please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



About Filtered

Based in Shoreditch, Filtered is an award-winning company with a focus on technology as a tool for personalised learning for the world’s knowledge workers. Their platform tailers the learning experience to each individual, increasing the impact of training whilst reducing the time taken to reach proficiency in essential business skills. With a growing list of multinational businesses, Filtered has served almost 1 million consumers.

Filtered won two awards at the Learning Awards 2016 and, with the ICAEW was shortlisted for the Best Training Initiative in the Association Excellence Awards 2016. Magpie was launched by Filtered last year and, exists as the world’s first learning recommendation engine. National brands such as Royal Mail, NHS, Trinity Mirror and Barnado’s use it to launch learning opportunities


About HT2 Labs

HT2 Labs are the R&D company for learning and performance technology – creating intelligent software solutions that enables teams to learn from their collective experience:

  • Curatr – an award-winning Social Learning Platform that facilitates collaborative online learning unlike any other elearning experience
  • Learning Locker LRS – the world’s most installed Learning Record  Store; available as fully-featured Enterprise SaaS, and free Open Source editions
  • Red Panda – our latest addition, which acts as a digital learning hub enabling the delivery of personalised learning journeys, content and recommendations.

Customer Success is our number 1 priority, and we’re proud to have clients located across the globe, whom we serve from our Head Office in Oxford (UK),  and a North American office located in Boston, MA.


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