Oxford, UK: HT2 Labs have announced their first free offering of the year; a 3-Part Open Learning Experience (OLX) exploring how to use data to create engaging, meaningful learning experiences that boost retention and help drive ROI.

Beginning on Monday 29th April 2019, HT2 Labs’ first free OLX offering of 2019 will cover both the theory and practice needed to demonstrate how the data that your platforms produce can be put to work to create a more efficient, impactful learning experiences.


HT2 Labs have developed the Open Learning Experience (OLX) to build upon and enhance what the traditional MOOC offers. The OLX is the next step in the evolution of effective, global online learning initiatives, expanding on the more linear course structures with more autonomy and flexibility. Learn more here.

The OLX will take place over a 10 week period, with each part lasting 2 weeks and a 2-week gap in between, and will recommend relevant learning content and activities alongside the standard course.

  • Part 1 : Data, Nudges & Learning    | 29 April – 12 May
  • Part 2: Data & Course Design    | 28 May – 9 June
  • Part 3: Data & Business Benefits   | 24 June – 7 July

Part 1 of the course will explore both Nudge Theory and Learning & Motivation Theory, discussing and demonstrating how these principles can be applied in digital L&D initiatives to provide a more personal, engaging experience for the learner.

This part of the course will help you impact learner behaviour by exploring examples of effective nudge design, as well as an introduction to Sparks, part of Learning Locker® ‘s Automation App suite, which triggers actions following specific behaviours; drastically reducing the need for manual processes and administrative tasks.

Part 2 will explore how data interacts with course design, covering iterative approaches, piloting courses, and instructional design as well as various methods for personalization and adaptivity for workplace learning. You’ll come away with an idea of what works and what doesn’t – essential to informing future decisions and facilitating more impactful change.

For Part 3 the focus shifts to business benefits of using data, including using xAPI to measure your ROI, exploring how data is put to work in Learning Locker® and the value in collecting different data types.

This OLX will be of interest to digital learning specialists, designers and managers. HT2 Labs courses typically attract 500+ enrolments from around the world and are a great opportunity to interact with experts and peers from the industry, sharing knowledge, best practice, case studies and ideas.

Data, Nudges and Learning: A Guide to Enhancing Engagement begins Monday 29th April. Learn more and register today.

About the Author

Libby joined the HT2 Labs team in as a Digital Communications Officer in June 2018, having graduated from the University of Winchester with a degree in Media and Communications (BA Hons).

Libby enjoys all things health and fitness related and you’ll often find her satisfying her wanderlust by jet-setting across the globe.