This project focuses on North East Nigeria, which has witnessed widespread displacement and heinous violations of human rights since 2009, plummeting it into a severe humanitarian crisis.

Ongoing emergency and conflict meant that there was little time to learn, and access to traditional face-to-face training was near impossible for those deployed in relief efforts.

Action Against Hunger Nigeria partnered with Humentum and decided to not only adopt the PMD Pro (the Project Management for Development Professionals course, an industry standard certification) methodology and certification and deliver it using Learning Pool’s platform Stream LXP, but also to contextualize the content to cover Action Against Hunger’s own Project Management policies and procedures.


Stream LXP was chosen for several reasons – primarily that it enabled online program delivery that was scalable, and that could be localized. The ability to turn Action Against Hunger’s own content into learning activities and blend these with the generic PMD Pro learning was a significant driver of success within the program.

Stream LXP’s ability to facilitate performance reporting enabled weekly updates to the Action Against Hunger coordination team and bi-weekly update on course progress, allowing all staff within the organization to be kept abreast of course-wide milestones successes.

The technology also allowed for remote facilitation and accessibility for participants working in refugee camps, through which more staff were trained at a lower cost at the same time. Significantly, many of the participants of the mobile course simply would not have been able to access traditional learning methods to improve their qualifications and quality of life.


Over 14 weeks, nearly 100 people moved at a pace suitable to their very demanding work to complete the course, and frequent, flexible contact between Action Against Hunger and LINGOs during the learning experience enabled them provide solutions to any issues that arose.

One of the participants who didn’t have access to a computer because of his job and location, did the course entirely with his mobile device:

“Using my mobile phone for the course was a huge motivation because each time, I had cause to use my phone, it was a chance to progress on the course too… this made learning seem so simple and flexible.”

In addition to inspiring stories of participating individuals, overall feedback from course users was overwhelmingly positive.

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