The Indiana CPA Society (INCPAS), is transforming the way Certified Public Accountants complete their continuing professional development, with Curatr at the heart of the change.


In 2014, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) put out a call for CPAs to change the way they think about learning. The Indiana CPA Society responded with the ‘Future of Competency whitepaper‘. Central to INCPAS’ findings was the need to move from an hours-based, reactionary training function, to a proactive, social and competency based model of professional development. This approach would later inform the AICPA’s Future of Learning website.


INCPAS has now moved its training offering to a social, competency-based model, delivered via the CPA Center of Excellence®. They are working with State legislature to change the law regarding license renewal from an hours-based model to a competency-based model. And they are proving the effectiveness of the change using Social Learning and Curatr.

Using Curatr, INCPAS were able to create a series of highly interactive, social courses quickly, using a range of resources from both inside and outside the organization. Each interactive course features real stories with local experts in Curatr’s bite-sized, game-like environment. By encouraging users to explore insights from and discuss the outcomes, INCPAS has generated a level of engagement and rigour that online CPA training has previously lacked. Learners demonstrate their competence using online Badges, another first for the CPA’s. Courses are sold online and are fully integrated with INCPAS’ existing member management system.

Feedback & Results

Feedback on the courses for CPAs so far has been great and a new source of revenue has been firmly established.

As phase two of course development commences, INCPAS is influencing state legislature with their results, offering compelling evidence of the effectiveness of a more social approach to online learning.

Gary Bollinger, CEO, commented on the difference Curatr and a social learning approach has made to INCPAS and the Accounting profession:

“The impact on those opting for the waiver (studying/learning) has been profound in that they are experiencing a contemporary delivery system in Curatr that would not otherwise be permitted under the current regulatory system. These people are becoming significant advocates change in what qualifies as learning for license renewal.

The impact on our organization is simple. We are seeing the possibilities of great promise with new, social methodologies for learning, which expands our possibilities for service provision and revenue. With Curatr, a new business model is a real possibility!”

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