Orange Owl Learning Lab wants a world full of well designed, creative and engaging learning. We want employees to want to learn. For training to be the highlight. Not a battle.

We believe in the power of social learning and the use of game mechanics to motivate and inspire learners to achieve learning outcomes.

Based in Perth, Western Australia we service clients in the oil and gas, mining, higher education and leadership consultancy sector.

From Classroom to Blended Learning

ID’s philosophy looks at the world from an integrated and broad perspective; extending an opportunity to discover that relationships, culture, results, strategy and outcomes are intrinsically linked and influenced by every individual and team within an organization.

Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) was chosen as the training delivery platform for the course as it enabled the delivery of a blended learning solution to a previously F2F-only program, and in doing so:

  • Enabled ID to build relationships with learners and maintain engagement for the duration of the course (4 months) – rather than at single time points (F2F), creating a culture of learning
  • Provided learners with an exceptional user experience that other learning platforms do not: being professional, easy to use, and incorporating sound online learning principles (social and gamification)
  • Allowed ID to monitor completion of pre-session activities easily

Using an ADDIE design approach, Cathy Young (Director – Orange Owl Learning Lab), Karen Kitze (Consultant at Integral Development) and various SMEs worked together to create a 4-month course comprising of 7 face-to-face sessions, each having 2-3 levels of content in Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) as a prerequisite.

The course has a primary facilitator with specific expert facilitators coming onboard with each topic.

Learners are required to submit assessments throughout, culminating in an individual workplace project. On succesful completion, learners achieved a BSB51915 Diploma in Leadership and Management, a nationally recognized qualification.

A Successful Transition to Digital Delivery

A key driver for using a blended approach was to ensure that learners were familiar with key concepts prior to attending F2F sessions by having them complete pre-work.  Integral experienced a significant improvement in the number of learners who did this compared to previous courses that did not have an online component.

Feedback from participants has also indicated that the move to digital program delivery has been well received:

“Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) has been a great collaborative learning tool. Thanks to Integral for delivering an awesome journey of learning and self discovery.”

Dawn Wallam
CEO, Yorganop

“I enjoyed using Stream LXP (formerly Curatr), a very interactive learning experience. Thanks to Integral for the great service delivery.”

Jodi Guerinoni
Manager – Corporate Services, Yorganop

“The Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) learning experience has been a wonderful learning experience for me as it provided a great opportunity to learn from others and share ideas.”

Chamila Jayalath
Talent Manager, Armana Living

Due to the success of the program using Stream LXP (formerly Curatr), Integral has recently launched another Diploma in Leadership and Management program using the same format.  They also intend to create several short courses, converting current F2F content into an online format.