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6 Essential Skills Every Leader Needs to Develop

Whether you're a marketer, accountant or engineer by trade, when it comes to successfully leading a team there is a specific set of skills required.

HT2 Labs Announced as Finalist for Innovation Award at the WOBAs

HT2 Labs were announced as a finalist for the Owen Mumford Innovation Award in the 9th Annual West Oxfordshire Business Awards (WOBAs) 2019.

HT2 Labs Announce 3-Part Open Learning Experience: ‘Data, Nudges & Learning: A Guide to Enhancing Engagement’

HT2 Labs announce 3-part Open Learning Experience (OLX) exploring how to use data to create engaging learning experiences that boost retention and help drive ROI.

Meet OLX: 2019’s Answer to the MOOC

Following suit of the LXP, Open Learning Experiences (OLX) will take on many of the elements of the new platform, including personalized recommended content and smart nudges.

Sparks Messaging Channels

If you're using Sparks to automate personalized messaging for learners, there are five channels currently available: Email, SMS, Push (via…

Driving Automation in Learning Campaigns with Data and Analytics

Delivering a learning campaign moves away from the 'one and done' learning event, to a learning experience that is spaced…

Closing the Leadership Gap in Your Organization

The need for effective leadership is obvious, yet it seems training and development programs focused on cultivating new generations of…

How HT2 Labs is Becoming a Machine Learning Trailblazer

HT2s Machine Learning Engineer, Dan Stein, shares the magic behind the Social Intelligence Dashboard, released earlier this year.

What’s New in Sparks?

Throughout January, we rolled out a few enhancements for the new 'Sparks' app, including a new feedback loop, additional persona building options and a dedicated analytics dashboard.

Sparks: Meet the Data-Driven Automation App for Learning Locker®

A practical look at how Sparks, the latest Learning Locker® app, can help L&D professionals overcome the struggles they face in motivating learners to engage (and stay engaged) with their learning platform.

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