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Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.


A Guide to Enhancing Engagement: Part One

Exploring Nudge Theory, part-one of the OLX discusses and demonstrates how its principles can be applied in digital L&D initiatives to provide more personal, compelling learning experiences.


Sparks is a platform that uses data to power adaptive and personalized nudges for learners, employees, managers and instructors as and when they need it.

Social Intelligence Dashboard

HT2 Labs has a proprietary method for judging the efficacy of online social learning interactions - we call it Social Learning Intelligence.


CDSM's innovative learning platform, Thinqi, plays an instrumental role in the delivery of the Welsh Government's HWB project.



CDSM designed their next-generation learning system with Learning Locker® at the foundation to track, measure and report on learner interactions.


Doing Stuff with Your Data

Too many organizations are failing to implement the analytics tools necessary to help them understand the rich learning data produced by their employees.

Guroo Producer

Guroo Producer implemented Learning Locker alongside their own authoring tool to modernize the delivery of their General Manager Program.



Using Curatr, CARE created an 8-month blended learning program with an emphasis on Social Learning, intended to enhance and maintain engagement.


HT2 Labs ‘Astonished and Humbled’ to Win Prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise

HT2 Labs are among 60 other organizations nationwide to have received the award for Innovation in the Queen's Awards for Enterprise 2019.

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