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The Digital Transformation of Elearning

From chatbots and AI-driven recommendations, to virtual and augmented reality the digital transformation is changing the way we learn dramatically.

HT2 Labs Achieve Triple Win at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards 2018

[PRESS RELEASE] HT2 Labs are thrilled to have achieved a triple award win at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards 2018

HT2 Labs Announce Learning Locker Open Source Awards for Innovation

[PRESS RELEASE] Introducing the Learning Locker Open Source Awards for Innovation, celebrating success stories within the global Learning Locker® Community.

HT2 Labs and eThink Education Partner to Bring Next-Generation Learning Software to the Workplace

[PRESS RELEASE] HT2 Labs partner with eThink Education to bring next-generation learning software to the workplace

HT2 Labs Take Home Bronze at Learning Technologies Awards

[PRESS RELEASE] HT2 Labs celebrate a Bronze Award Win for Best Online Learning Program at the Learning Technologies Awards 2018

Is Micro Learning the Secret to Ensuring Workplace Learning Happens in the Workplace?

How do we motivate our employees to engage in personal and professional development whilst performing as expected in their job roles?

Learning & Development Opportunities in the Workplace: A Benefit for a Growing Workforce

With the global workforce demanding more of their employers, organizations stand to benefit from implementing the right attractive learning and development opportunities.

Experience Matters: MOOC Round Up

Our #LXPMOOC explored the challenges of creating meaningful learning experiences. Here, we summarize the key conversations, topics, and content pieces from across the 4 weeks.

7 Habits of Highly Effective LXPs

We consider the outcome focused benefits that LXPs are starting to bring to organizations and the end users who use them.

Experience Matters MOOC for Learning Experience Design: Making Sense of Week 4

Recapping on the key learning points of the fourth week of the Experience Matters MOOC for Learning Experience Design.

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