Install Learning Locker®

Whether you're entirely new to Learning Locker®, or already have an older Open Source version installed, there's an easy installation option for you…

Start From scratch

Install a new instance of Learning Locker® using our cross-platform installation script.

Use the installer to automate the installation of Learning Locker®, it’s dependencies and the server configuration required to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Install a new locker

Update an existing instance

Use our handy migration tool to take your data from a v1 installation and munge it over into v2.

The migration is non-destructive, meaning you can rollback without losing anything. All of your v1 xAPI data will be retained, including any existing stores / auth / credentials.

Update my locker

Need some help?

Or if that’s all still sounding a little beyond your capabilities, you may be better off with the Enterprise Edition which includes hosting and support.

Guidance And Support For The Open Source Learning Locker® LRS

Setup Support

If you’re finding that everything is just a little too technical and you need some extra support with your installation, integrations or xAPI set-up, you can get 3-months free support when you register your installation with us.

Update my locker


Our documentation should contain all the information you need to get started and to troubleshoot any issues you come up against – but the Gitter Community is also there to help should you need it.

Ask the community

Bug Reporting

If you find any bugs whilst using the Open Source Edition of Learning Locker® please report them to us via GitHub after first checking that it’s not something that’s already been flagged and has a fix being
worked on.

Report a bug