Learning Locker has a range of features that help to you make more informed decisions and prove the impact of your training programmes.

Gathering Data


Learning Locker uses the xAPI to gather activity data from learning and working experiences. Using the xAPI Learning Locker can track online and offline learning activity, any xAPI 1.0.x activity provider and with other LRSs.

Integrate with non-xAPI data
We work with customers to gather data from a whole range of other applications that expose an API. Comms tools like Slack, CRMs like HubSpot or SalesForce, email providers like Mandrill and even flat file feeds like Excel or SQL can all be directed to send data into the Learning Record Store.
Multiple LRS in One Installation
Each Learning Locker installation allows for the creation of as many Learning Record Stores as you like. Our customers use this feature to logically separate data between applications, user groups or security settings. Even with multiple LRSs, you can query and transform data from a single interface.

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Cleansing Data

Manage User Identity
Use our algorithm to automatically reconcile users with multiple IDs across the system.
Build up User Personas with tags and group information to enable group-based queries.
Store non-xAPI data like learner or course information. Import your organisation hierarchy via CSV.
Business Rules
You can create complex business rules to transform incoming activity data into new, aggregated activity records. Our pattern recognition workers run independently to transform data and insert new statements back into the LRS, or to trigger Web Hooks to 3rd party systems.
Automated Indexes and Suggestions
Learning Locker automatically indexes popular queries to make them lightning fast. And our workers get to cleansing your data the second it hits the LRS, giving you easy to use drop-down suggestion lists for every piece of meta data stored.

Analysing Data

Customisable Dashboards

Use our drag and drop interface to create actionable dashboard data in minutes. Your Learning Locker homepage is fully customisable to create the perfect set of data that you need to measure your learning outcomes.

Advanced Query Builder

Our query tool works with the data you insert into Learning Locker, making every field you’ve stored available for query whether we’ve seen your data before or not. If you’ve feeling a little more adventurous you can flip the query builder to write your own queries directly in Learning Locker using MongoDBs Aggregation syntax.

All of the Graphs

Bar charts, column charts, pie charts, scatter graphs; stacked, counted, aggregated, averaged. You name it, Learning Locker can do it. Learning Locker is flexible enough to render most any graph type with your choice of Axes and Series.

Sharing Data

Aggregation API
Go beyond xAPI with our native integration of MongoDB’s Aggregation API.
Open Source and well documented, this powerful aggregation framework allows for complex pipelines and SQL-like queries to be done on our NoSQL document store.
Export Projections
Create advanced output projections to CSV, downloading clean and usable data directly into your favourite tools for analysis.
BI Connectors
Take advantage of MongoDBs enterprise BI connector to send NoSQL data directly to your Business Intelligence tool of your choice. From Snowflake to Elastic Search, Tableau to SAP, you can feed your BI tools automatically using Learning Locker.

Deployment and Service

SSL Secured
Cloud Deployment
Encrypted at Rest
Multi-Tenant Options
Two-Factor Authentication
OEM Licensing


Arrange a demo and find out about how a learning record store and xAPI can provide you the means to conduct advanced analytics on your learner’s performance and development.

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