Learning Locker is the learning data management tool of choice for the likes of Xerox, Villeroy & Boch and the UK University system.. It’s award-winning, and also the world’s most installed Open Source LRS. Here’s why…

By tracking the paths your learners tread you can understand how they progress through experiences, what they love and what they hate, what challenges and what bores; what leads to a change in behaviour and what makes no difference at all.

Find Out How
Personalise learning experiences

You can use xAPI to influence the way in which content is displayed across systems.

Personalise elearning given past performance; recommend new content based on previous experience; incorporate results from one piece of elearning into another.

Using Learning Locker, all of this is possible – creating more engaging experiences for your learners.

Seek Out Expertise (and Stamp Out Failure)

By systematically storing and sorting the data you hold on your workforce, you can begin to understand where strengths and weaknesses lie in the organisation.

This enables your employees to seek out expertise and to reward expert behaviour within the company – which can lead to higher levels of morale, and lower staff turnover.

Use analytics to understand the risk factors for learners not completing a course of learning. Using xAPI you can optimise performance and intercept learners who are struggling before the problem becomes terminal.

Give Individuals Ownership

Share learning and performance data back with individuals. This can enable individuals to better understand their own performance using quantified-self measures.

It can enable ownership of learning records, leading to personalised, data-driven CV’s of experience. And you can allow individuals to capture learning data outside of your organisation; MOOCs, websites and informal learning experiences can all become a part of an individual’s record of achievement.


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