Oxford, UK: HT2 Labs announce their 3rd Massive Online Open Course [MOOC] of the year with ‘Experience Matters: A Crash Course in Learning Experience Design’ coming to you (virtually) at the end of September.


In line with the imminent release of their Learning Experience Platform [LXP], also launching in September, HT2 Labs will be offering those working in the L&D industry and higher/further education sectors the chance to learn virtually from some of their experts about the fundamentals of the LXP and, best practice for implementing one in the workplace.

Designed for individuals looking for a short but, intensive introduction to Learning Experience design, the MOOC will focus on how learning professionals can leverage existing/free content, their existing/new platforms, data and, most importantly, people to create engaging, meaningful and, data-driven learning experiences.

Using specific examples and case across a range of sectors, the HT2 Labs team will cover key elements of the LXP, including personalisation, gamification, data analytics and, social learning.

When asked about why this MOOC is particularly exciting, HT2 Labs CEO Ben Betts commented;

“The concept of designing and delivering Learning Experiences, above and beyond courses, has really gained some traction in the last 12 months. But we’re in danger of falling into new names for old methods; understanding what makes an experience, over and above a course, and how we can support people in the flow of work, instead of in the classroom, is central to knowing the difference.”

The facilitated portion of the MOOC will last for a period of four weeks and, as with MOOCs past and present, each level will unlock at the start of the week so that learners can work through the content at their own pace, allowing time to digest the information before embarking on the next level.

HT2 Labs’ Experience Matters MOOC will commence on 24th September. Enroll today!



About HT2 Labs

HT2 Labs are the R&D company for learning and performance technology – creating intelligent software solutions that enables teams to learn from their collective experience:

  • Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) – an award-winning Social Learning Platform that facilitates collaborative online learning unlike any other eLearning experience
  • Learning Locker LRS – the world’s most installed Learning Record  Store; available as fully-featured Enterprise SaaS, and free Open Source editions
  • Red Panda – our latest addition, which acts as a digital learning hub enabling the delivery of personalised learning journeys, content and recommendations.

Customer Success is our number 1 priority, and we’re proud to have clients located across the globe, whom we serve from Boston MA, and our head office in Oxford, UK. If people are your most valuable asset, we should talk.

About the author

Sam joined the HT2 Labs team at the start of May 2017 having recently graduated with a First Class (Hons) Marketing, Advertising and Communications Degree. His previous digital experience encompasses both fast-paced agency roles and large-scale retail email marketing.

A drummer in local Oxford band Temper Cartel, Sam spends much of his spare time rehearsing and spending time with fellow bandmates.


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