“Learning Is The Solution” is the theme of this year’s LINGOs Global Learning Forum, and Social Learning features heavily in a 2-day conference lineup which aims to refine delegates’ knowledge of learning technologies, skill building, and resource management into practical takeaways.

LINGOs Global Learning ForumTaking place at PATH, Seattle (USA), between September 28-30, the Global Learning Forum provides an opportunity for the learning and development community to engage over a shared goal: maximizing impact through innovative, scalable learning and capacity building.

Keynote speakers and session leaders at the Forum are renowned experts in the fields of international development, humanitarian relief, conservation, the learning industry, and capacity-building organizations.

Amongst these speakers is HT2’s Chief Learning Officer, Alan Betts, who will be delivering a workshop aimed at organisations who are fed up with the tyranny of the “next” button and looking for a new way to drive higher level of engagement in learning.  

The session, entitled Social Learning: Join the Revolution, takes place at 1330 on Day 1 of the Conference and will explore a variety of case studies showing just what an impact Social Learning can make to an organization. Attendees will also be encouraged to take part in a small Social Learning experiment to enable them to experience the results first hand.

Speaking ahead of the Forum, Betts is optimistic about the future of learning within the NGO Sector:

We’re delighted to be a part of the Forum and to further support LINGOs in their mission to deliver appropriate, affordable, accessible and actionable learning solutions following the announcement of our Partnership earlier this year.


“The social learning approach that is being introduced at LINGOs on their new Project Management courses will really allow them to overcome the barriers of having a dispersed, multi-national audience [among others] and we’re excited at the prospect of introducing further NGOs to this social revolution through the delivery of this workshop.

LINGOs Members normally benefit from 30% discount on Curatr licences but HT2, Silver Sponsors of this year’s Forum, are offering to further boost this discount for attendees for a limited period, details of which will be made available at the event.

For full details of the Speaker lineup along with ticket information, visit lingos.org/global-learning-forum/.

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About HT2

HT2 is the R&D company for Learning & Development; investing time and resources into developing technologies that help organisations from all sectors design, develop and deliver better learning experiences for people who want to change their lives through learning.

  • Curatr is an award-winning social learning platform which gives teams the tools to design, deliver and facilitate Social Learning experiences whilst making the best of the content and systems they already own. It was recognised as the leader in Social Learning Innovation by the 2016 Learning & Performance Institute Awards.
  • Learning Locker is the world’s most installed Learning Record Store (LRS); an Open Source database and analytics tool designed specifically for the education and learning sector. Universities, training providers and big businesses use Learning Locker to store, sort and share their learning data on a massive scale. It was recognised as the leading Open Source Innovation at the 2016 MongoDB Innovation Awards.

Find out more at ht2labs.com.

About LINGOs

LINGOs, a non-profit organization, is the international NGO sector’s largest membership-based consortium dedicated solely to training and capacity building. It has a membership of over 80 international humanitarian relief, development, conservation and social justice organizations.

LINGOs has been a leader in curating, developing, and disseminating appropriate learning and development tools, technology and content to over 50,000 NGO staff in developing countries since 2004.

The PMD Pro certification, developed by a LINGO-led working group, provides project managers and team members working in the international development sector with training on the skills and tools need to successfully manage their projects.

 Find out more at lingos.org.

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