Introducing our Software

Driven by a knowledge of what works in digital learning, we have designed and developed our sophisticated software to help businesses create meaningful learning experiences with measurable impact.


Learning Experience Platform

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  • Develop Talent - Actively engage learners in challenging learning experiences that promote skill advancement.
  • Cut Costs - What was once thought only possible in the classroom is now possible online using Stream.
  • Save Time - Programs can be developed and deployed in days using resources you already own.

Learning Locker®

Learning Record Store for Organizations

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  • Own your Data - Take control with flexible deployment options; on-cloud, on-premise or Open Source.
  • Measure Impact - Benchmark learning outcomes with performance change for the first time with Learning Locker®.
  • Start Automating - Use your data to trigger actions in other platforms, enabling your next-generation learning ecosystem.

Interoperable and Future-Proof

Whether you have an existing Learning Management System or not, Learning Pool has invested significant resources into emerging standards, such as xAPI and Open Badges, to ensure our solution is interoperable and future-proof.

Success as a Service

Right from the start, working with Learning Pool you’ll have a dedicated Learning Consultant whose job is to make your life as easy as possible. We don’t see ourselves as software as a service so much as success as a service.

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